Introducing great toys for kids 3 years and up... 

and some great puzzles for older kids and adults!

Introducing TETRA Puzzle & playful sculpture

Harper Toy invents and manufactures unique handcrafted toys for children. These toys, game and  puzzles, are designed and produced in our studio and factory located in Oldenburg Indiana. Animatables, the "build it and move it" building sets, as well as TREE BALLinko game, Buckyball puzzle, and the NEW TETRA Puzzle are available only from this website and on Etsy (harpertoy store). You won't find them on Amazon----or even in specialty toy stores. You can buy these toys for kids 3 years and up here--direct from the manufacturer. Unique hand-crafted wooden toys made in the USA.

This is the new TETRA Puzzle and playful sculpture

Create playful playful sculptural forms with TETRA:

Or solve the puzzle by forming a 4-sided pyramid, a tetragon.

Warning: This puzzle is easy to play with, but very difficult to solve! 


The natural finish woodgrain version of TETRA is even more difficult a puzzle to solve. It comes as 20 attached balls in a single plane. You solve it by turning balls and/or folding balls until the 3 dimensional tetra shape is formed. Difficult enough as that is, the balls can be detached from each other and then attempt to reform the tetra by re-attaching. This last way of solving is extremely difficult and may not resolve unless the balls are attached in the right sequence.


TETRA Puzzle natural wood finish

Ballinko Buckyball Puzzle and TREE BALLinko balancing game are now available!

Ballinko® Buckyball Puzzle

Made in USA, an exclusive new puzzle from Harper Toy, Buckyball is a 150 piece brainteaser 3-D puzzle which has multiple solutions. The puzzle is a model of the Carbon-60 molecule, consisting of pentagons and hexagons. Build the puzzle by assembling the pieces using any color combination, or with the 12 pentagons of a solid color, 12 hexagons of a solid color, or in a graduated color progression.
Buckyball any color variation, a Harper Toy Puzzle made in USA
Any color combination
Buckyball 12 pentagon color variation, a Harper Toy Puzzle made in USA
12 solid color pentagons
Buckyball 12 hexagon color variation, a Harper Toy Puzzle made in USA
12 solid color hexagons
Buckyball graduated color variation, a Harper Toy Puzzle made in USA
Graduated color progresion

Any pattern you choose, Buckyball is a challenging puzzle. Use it as a puzzle challenge, a meditation, or an attractive art conversation piece-- constructing this 3-D puzzle is a satisfying experience. Order your Buckyball now!


TREE BALLinko® -- a balancing game for 1- 4 players
TREE BALLinko balancing game in process from Harper Toy, made in USA
Tree Ballinko balancing game package
A family game, easy to play --another new toy for 5 years and up. The goal is to use all 36 balls and have the "tree" remain standing. As players add balls ("limbs and leaves") a loss of balance will topple the tree. The game plays until all are added and the tree is balanced. This game, made in USA, can be played cooperatively--where everyone wins when the tree is balanced; or it can be a competitive challenge where the top score wins. (each colored ball has a value). Either way, it's fun to play.  


Basic builder wood building set showing all pieces
Ballinko Basic Builder 44 pc. set, a toy enjoyed by children as young as 3 years (Adults have fun with it too!) encourages the creation of biological as well as architectural forms, which it's unique spherical wood balls make possible. 
Elephant built with Basic Builder set
The "rider" pictured left (above on mobile devices) actually rolls and can be steered...the "Wheel" structure to the right  (or below) can be turned--with all its parts moving as a ferris-wheel does.
Both designs may be constructed with instructions that come with this building set.

More unique toys for kids 5 years (& up)

The Animatables
line consists of Action Figure, Elephant, Giraffe & Horse-- all unique wooden building toys with figures that can assume many different poses. Wooden toys made in the USA from native hardwoods, Once assembled with the enclosed easy-to-follow directions, figures can be moved into an incredible number of poses. Parts are also compatible with and may be combined with each other and with our Basic Builder set. Great toys for 5-9 year olds.


wood animatable Action figure shown with box
Action Figure--easy to assemble--then move to different positions by turning or re-positioning balls. 
Award winning Animatable Alex construction figure
Winner 2017 Creative Child Magazine Awards Program:
Builder Construction Toy Figures category

Award-winning* Animatables-- Build the figure, then move it into a unlimited number of possible poses.

award winning
Promotes Creative Play category
Giraffe Animatable constructed next to box
Animatable Giraffe moved in another position
Animatable Horse wood construction figure next to box
another action pose of Animatable Horse
BUILD IT! ... then MOVE IT! into an amazing number of positions

Animatable Elephant wood toy shown in another position
Animatable elephant with trunk uplifted next to box
Animatable Alex wood constructed figure

 Basic Builder

Ballinko Basic Builder has the same construction and building features of the original Ballinko Sculpture Set, nurturing the creative expression in our children by allowing their imagination free reign. This all wood 44 piece set is now in production. Among the best wooden toys for 3-9 year olds to express their innate creativity and to help develop hand-eye coordination, dexterity and planning skills.


 Basic Builder

Sculpture Builder
Now available for immediate shipment

Imagination takes form with Ballinko® Wooden Sculpture Builder set, a unique building toy invented by sculptor Richard Cartwright to encourage kids to experiment with creating organic forms as well as architectural structures using a natural building material. These handcrafted pieces with numerous arrangement possibilities spark imagination, inspire creativity and help develop planning skills, hand/eye coordination and fine motor skills

Ballinko Sculpure Builder container
101 piece Ballinko Sculpture Builder set

101 hardwood pieces

• 101 handcrafted hardwood pieces

• Wood balls & links are assembled to create forms.

• Screw top container for convenient storing.

• Inviting play for any age group

• Endless possibilities

• A classic toy that never gets old