Looking for a cool wooden building toy for 5 years to adult? Ballinko Animatables are here now!
Animatable Alex
MADE IN USA Animatable Action Figure constructed
Hi there! I'm the first in a series of Animatables. My name is "Alex Action Figure". We're called Animatables because we can be moved into many positions.
Ballinko Animatable Action Figure
Ballinko Animatable Action Figure
Ballinko Animatable Action Figure gesturing
Ballinko Animatable Action Figure
I can be moved into all of these positions...just by rotating and/or re-attaching balls and links that I'm made of.
Here's what I look like right out of the box:

Alex ALL- WOOD parts right out of the box
Just a few connections make me whole.

For a real challenge dis-assemble me and try putting me together again..

(Helpful directions are included.)
ALL WOOD TOY Disassembled parts of Alex

Then you can move me into whatever position suits you....or dis-assemble me...as many times as you want. I'm a cool wooden building toy for 5-9 year olds (adults have fun playing with me too!)

Animatable action figure
This is the box I come in. Ask for me at your local Toy Store...or order me here for $28.95

The rest of the Animatables:
ELI      $28.95
HORACE      $28.95
and GERI      $28.95

These Animatable Building Sets, wooden building toys, allow the building of a form which can be manipulated to pose in many different positions. The assembly instructions included with each simplify the building of the form. Once built, the form will change positions as you rotate or re-position various balls. Unlike most building toys, each Animatable offers an ever-changeable sculpture, providing hours of enjoyable play. An activity toy for 5-9 year olds, and adults of any age.