Introducing Ballinko Basic Builder

This new 44 piece building set is the simpler version of the original Ballinko Sculpture set and consists of larger parts for easier handling for smaller hands.  It’s a perfect first building toy to encourage imagination, inspire creativity, develop planning skills, hand/eye coordination, and fine motor skills. A unique wooden building toy for 3-5 year olds and a cool toy for any age. Wooden balls and links can be assembled to create forms. This 44 piece all wood set includes 19 balls, 24 links and a base packaged in a reusable screw-top container for convenient storing. Have fun with creating whatever you can imagine

44 pieces of Ballinko Basic Builder set with container
Ballinko Basic Builder 44 pc. set  $30.00

             The photos on the right & below are some of the possibilities...

All parts move when the "ferris wheel" (below) is turned.

"Rider" below rolls and can be steered...
There's no limit to what the imagination can create  with Ballinko!
Bird sculpture made with Ballinko Basic Builder
Giraffe made with Ballinko Basic Builder set
tower made with Ballinko Basic Builder set
Human figure made with Ballinko Basic Builder set

 rotate parts to change the form

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