Ballinko® Buckyball Puzzle

The challenging puzzle with multiple solutions
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REE BALLinko® a game of balance
a game for all the family
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Animatables  $28.95
Animatable Action Figure
Animatable Horse
Animatable Giraffe
Animatable Elephant
Ballinko Basic wood toy building set
Ballinko® Basic Builder construction set  $30.00

Re-Ignite imagination with
Ballinko Building sets

The urge to create is naturally strong in children. The Ballinko® system of building encourages expression of imagination in children as they learn to build images, forms of their own imagination, from the wooden parts that allow for many possibilities in construction. These wooden balls and links are sculptural parts that can be formed to make true sculptures. The excitement of being able to allow imagination to build form is inherent in these toys. In addition to inspiring creativity, these toys assist in developing hand-eye coordination, dexterity and planning skills.

AnimatableTM  Construction Sets
Action Figure, Giraffe, Horse and Elephant...

...are building toys that come with assembly diagrams to assist in building the forms. Once assembled, the forms will allow changing their poses by rotating or re-positioning the balls. In this way, legs, arms, head and body positions can be changed innumerable times to form ever-changing sculptures.

Choking Hazard: These toy sets contain small parts and balls
Not for children under 3 years