Harper Toy, founded by Richard Cartwright, is devoted to developing, manufacturing and selling toys of high quality play value, toys which reignite the imagination.

Part of our Mission States:

"To create toys of lasting importance that will engage children’s imagination and creativity, enriching their lives through creative, joyful, and meaningful experiences in play. To invent, produce and market said toys, with the focus on “Made In USA” production."

Richard is a sculptor and business-owner who has developed a passion for creating toys and games for children (of any age). The two Ballinko sets featured on this site and the 4 new Animatables figures are the first toy ideas to be produced by Harper Toy

The name "Harper Toy"comes from the name of his beautiful grandson, Harper, who, with all children, will inherit the Earth. Play is the important work of children. We can help them and the future by giving them meaningful toys with which to play. Thank you for your interest!